Our Mission

Standing on the shoulders of giants

Astrobiology, with its quest to unravel the mysteries of life in the universe, is a field that thrives on the diversity of thoughts, backgrounds, and perspectives. It is a discipline that has been richly adorned by the contributions of pioneers from all walks of life, including those who have often been underrepresented in the sciences. This 2024 conference, embodying the theme "Standing on the Shoulders of Giants," seeks to highlight and celebrate the legacy of astrobiology's trailblazers, with a special emphasis on the remarkable women and minority scientists who have significantly shaped the field.

As we gather to discuss the latest advancements and share new insights, this conference serves as a platform to honor the diverse contributions that have enriched astrobiology. It is a call to action for the next generation of astrobiologists to continue expanding the boundaries of what is known, driven by a commitment to inclusivity, innovation, and exploration. We aim to foster an environment where every aspiring astrobiologist, regardless of background, has the opportunity to contribute to our collective quest to understand the cosmos.

In celebrating the achievements of these pioneers, AbGradCon 2024 does not merely look back with admiration but also looks forward with anticipation. We are at a pivotal moment in astrobiology, where the contributions of a diverse and inclusive community of scientists are more crucial than ever. By embracing the full spectrum of talent and perspectives, we can unlock new mysteries of the universe, fostering a future in astrobiology that is as diverse and vibrant as the cosmos we strive to understand. This conference is not just a celebration of where we have been but a beacon for where we are headed, together, in our quest to explore the unknown.

We welcome suggestions from the community as we prepare for this conference!