Proposal Writing Retreat 


What is the Proposal Writing Retreat (PWR)?

The central objective for the workshop participants is to create an original proposal on a topic relevant to the current state of astrobiology research, which must be presented to a body of peers. Participants are encouraged to use the workshop as a forum for exploring creative and original research topics. The workshop culminates in a peer-review panel discussion on each team's presented work, leading to a final anonymous vote on the best proposal. We will also have successful NASA proposers give invited talks centered around the proposal writing and review process. All costs of the retreat will be covered.

Where and when is the PWR?

The Proposal Writing Retreat (PWR) will take place Friday, June 6th through Monday, June 10th in Otter Creek Lodge located in the Adirondacks. We will be staying in a private, secluded lodge which will allow the participants to unplug from everyday distractions and focus on the scientific writing process. 

How do I participate in the PWR?

Application for the 2024 PWR is integrated at the end of the AbGradCon24 Application form. Applicants must indicate interest in the PWR to be considered. Space will be limited to 15 participants. 


Only PhD students are eligible for the 2024 PWR. Priority will be given to upper level grad students. First and second year students with writing experience will be considered as well.