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Conference Schedule Details : In-Person

It is important to note that the details below are only pertaining to the in-person component of AbGradCon 2022, which will most likely require everyone to be vaccinated against COVID and provide proof. Depending on the outlook of the COVID pandemic this year, there might also be an online component of the conference as it is moved to hybrid to accommodate everyone's necessities and accessibility to the conference.

Sunday (August 7th)

Participants are scheduled to arrive Sunday, August 7th, to the DC area. There are several airports in the area (BWI, DCA, Dulles). Participants will have choices of transport such as WMATA (the DC metrorail system), as well as taxis. There will be an opening reception for participants to meet and socialize starting at 5 p.m., as well as smaller evening social activities to allow people to continue to socialize with other attendees.



The day will start off with an hour for participants to grab breakfast and socialize. The conference will begin with three 15-min student talks covering broad themes for a total of 45 min and then a 15 min break. The second session will be a series of ten 5-minute ‘lightning’ talks by students, and a consecutive 10 minute break. There will then be a 1 hour lunch break for participants to rest. The day will continue with the same format as the morning session described above: three 15-min talks and a break followed by ten 5-min talks and a break. There will then be a 1-hr poster session with coffee available for the participants, followed by a 2 hour block of time reserved for a personal development panel discussion as well as time to connect and network with other attendees.


There will be an hour for attendees to grab dinner, and the evening will proceed with social activities planned for the attendees to interact and unwind from the day. This will most likely be an astrobiology trivia and board game night or a night at the “Terpzone” in University of Maryland, which is a venue that includes facilities for bowling and billiards.



Tuesday’s morning and afternoon schedules are the same as Monday’s - featuring 15 minute talks, lightning talks, and a poster session, followed by another personal development panel and time for attendees to network.


There will be an hour for attendees to grab dinner. Following dinner, attendees will be given the opportunity to attend another social event if they’re interested. Some ideas for Tuesday’s social event includes: an event similar to Astronomy on Tap in a local bar/pub where attendees can give science communication talks in a more informal setting. Another option would be to connect with local amateur astronomers and plan a stargazing night. Attendees won’t be required to attend, in case they wish to visit places in DC and do some tourism in self-formed groups.


Wednesday will begin with an hour-long breakfast. Participants will be given an opportunity to tour Goddard Space Flight Center, which will be followed by an hour-long keynote talk. There will then be an opportunity to go to lunch with several local NASA scientists who choose to join us. Wednesday afternoon is reserved for a longer event, such as an outreach activity with the NASA local public engagement team. There is an hour in the evening reserved for beginning preparations for the 2023 AbGradCon, and collecting information for people interested in becoming external organizers. Finally, Wednesday evening will conclude with dinner and a night dedicated to music, science, and art in a way that is conducive to socializing among attendees

Thursday (August 11th)

On Thursday, there will be the opportunity to group together for Brunch, and departures will be expected to run all day.