The AbGradCon 2022 Application has opened!

Special COVID precautions and meeting format?

The meeting will be happening virtually in order to allow for an international audience to our conference.

Who can apply?

AbGradCon is intended for graduate students, as well as early-career researchers and postdocs within a few years of their graduation. Undergraduates who are entering a graduate program in Fall 2022 will be considered as first-year graduate students. As this is a meeting for graduate students and postdocs, undergraduate students, faculty, and staff scientists are not eligible.

What kinds of talks and posters are we looking for?

Astrobiology is an interdisciplinary field, therefore, to uphold the same standards, participants will be asked to submit abstracts under one of many broad categories: astronomy, physics, geology, biology, chemistry, education and outreach, philosophy of science, engineering and instrumental design, planetary sciences, and science policy.

How will abstracts be selected?

Abstracts will be evaluated on merit and quality of application materials. Only one abstract may be submitted by each applicant.

Do I have to submit an abstract to attend AbGradCon 2021?

Yes. All participants must submit and present an abstract (either as an oral presentation or a poster). As this AbGradCon is an event for graduate students and postdocs, it is a great opportunity for early career researchers to give scientific presentations in a more relaxed (relative to big field-wide conferences) yet still formal setting.

Where does AbGradCon get its funding?

Most of the funding for AbGradCon comes from a grant from NASA Astrobiology Program, with supplemental support from additional sources, including our sponsors listed in the home page.

What sort of funding will be available?

Because AbGradCon will be happening virtually, no travel funding will be provided to participants.