Astrobiology Graduate Conference

7-11 August 2022

About AbGradcon

AbGradCon will take place in Washington, D.C. U.S.A. Tentative dates are 7-11 of August 2022

The Astrobiology Graduate Conference (AbGradCon) is a conference dedicated to the networking, interaction, and potential collaborations of Graduate Students and Early Career Scientists interested in Astrobiology-centered research.

  • AbGradCon 2022 will be the 18th year of the conference, which is always organized by Graduate Students and Post Docs

  • AbGradCon is an ideal conference for the younger generations of career astrobiologists to connect, form long-lasting bonds, and discuss the issues that will affect the future of the field of Astrobiology.

What to expect of AbGradCon

  • Check out the rest of this website!

  • Have a look at the previous websites to know more about past conferences.

  • Have a look at the editorial (at the bottom of this page) about the history of the conference written by past AbGradCon organizers.

Have more questions about AbGradCon?

  • If you have any questions about the conference, please feel free to contact us at abgradcon [at] gmail [dot] com (

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Application and Conference Details

Tentative conference dates : August 7-11, 2022

Tentative application open date : early February

Tentative application due date : mid to late March

The application, formatted in google forms, will be shared here, in Conference Details, and throughout social media. Check back on this website, as well as our social media, for updates of when our applications open!

For more information about the format, schedule, and proposal writing retreat, check Conference Details

About Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. is located in the Potomac River, bordering Maryland and Virginia

  • Home of NASA Headquarters

  • One of the most visited cities in the U.S.

  • Seat of the U.S. Federal government and home to many international organizations

  • Home of the Smithsonian institution

  • Located in North East U.S.A.

About our Organizers

We also thank all our great team of external organizers with their help on brainstorming, sharing resources, and offering support to the local team

Code of Conduct and Inclusivity Statement

Harassment and discrimination of any form will not be tolerated. If you wish to report harassment, suspect that someone else is being harassed, or have any other concerns, please contact a member of the organizing committee at your earliest convenience.

The committee for AbGradCon 2022 is devoted to ensuring that this conference is inclusive to all genders, sexualities, races, ethnicities, disabilities, and all other backgrounds. We believe that representing a large spectrum of perspectives and backgrounds will lead to an enriched scientific community. We can lead our generation of Astrobiologists to be models for our future colleagues and build respect for those who are different from ourselves. We strive to build a community that is respectful and accepting of all, and AbGradCon 2022 will be at the forefront of this initiative. There is no place for discrimination within our science and collaborations.

About Our Sponsors

AbGradCon 2022 is a multi-institution initiative. Our organizers, speakers, and conference resources are being sourced from several local institutions in the D.C., Maryland, Virginia (DMV) area.

Information on each of the institutions involved are detailed in the presentation below

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