AbGradCon2024 Applications closed! We'll be sending out acceptances soon!  

Talks and keynote presentations will be broadcasted live on the NASA Astrobiology YouTube channel where you will be able to ask questions after each presentation!

AbGradCon24 Day One Stream:

AbGradCon24 Day Two Stream:

AbGradCon24 Day Three Stream:


June 10th- 14th, 2024, Ithaca NY


Proposal Writing Retreat (PWR)

June 6th - 10th, 2024, Adirondacks, NY

The Astrobiology Graduate Conference is dedicated to early-career scientists who study the complex and diverse topics that the astrobiology field encompasses. The goal of AbGradCon, organized entirely by graduate students, is to promote the scientific research of young astrobiologists, while promoting collaboration, practical training, and camaraderie. This conference has been an integral part of the astrobiology community for nearly two decades by providing a setting for graduate students and postdocs where small group discussions, presentations, and social activities promote long-term professional relationships. In essence, AbGradCon seeks to create a more interdisciplinary and inclusive astrobiology community, foster collaboration, and provide practical training for young scientists.

How did AbGradCon start? 

AbGradCon was started in 2003 by a group of graduate students with the aim of creating a network among early-career astrobiologists. Except for 2006, it has been held annually every year since then, often in conjunction with AbSciCon or Bioastronomy. AbGradCon in 2023, or AbGradCon2024, will be the 21st meeting. Have a look at the previous websites HERE to know more about past conferences.

Why AbGradCon? 

AbGradCon is unique in that it is a student-led meeting, from the organization to the presentations. It strives to remove the "pressures" of typical scientific meetings by providing a relaxed atmosphere in which presentations and roundtable discussions are fostered along with numerous social activities. AbGradCon aims to bring astrobiology-enthusiastic of different racial, cultural, educational, and professional backgrounds together. To truly advocate an inclusive, diverse, equitable, accessible (IDEA) vision within the astrobiology field, and to safely engage with a global network of astrobiologists in the pandemic, AbGradCon2024 has both SCIENCE and SOCIAL components.

What are the goals of AbGradCon?

Astrobiology Graduate Conference 2024

Cornell University


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