What is Astrobiology?

What is Astrobiology?

Astrobiology is defined as any form of research pertaining to or concerning the origins, search for, and/or understanding of the context of life in our universe, as well as the extension of human life to other parts of our universe and the habitability of other worlds.

Astrobiology comes in many shapes and sizes, therefore interdisciplinary collaboration is imperative! Fields such as chemistry, biology, physics, geology, astronomy, planetary sciences, atmospheric sciences and oceanography (to list a few) constantly make important contributions to the field as a whole. Recognizing your strengths as a researcher, and finding how you can personally contribute to the field of astrobiology, is an individual journey that can be greatly enhanced by attending conferences like AbGradCon. These conferences can allow you to meet other researchers just as interested in furthering the field and form long-lasting collaborations. For more resources concerning Astrobiology, as well as information on networks and conferences concerning Astrobiology please checkout the resources page.

For more information on the field of Astrobiology as a whole, including breakdowns of detailed scientific studies, we highly recommend reading the Astrobiology Primer, also shown below. (Version 3.0 will be released sometime this year, we will also link it here when it becomes available)

Astrobiology Primer v2.0