2020 Undergraduate Contest

Undergraduate Digital Flash Talk Contest

The 2020 meeting sponsored an Undergraduate Digital Flash Talk Contest, sponsored by the ELSI-Firstlogic Astrobiology Program, whose program goals include support for astrobiology students. The winners and their talks are announced below. As of now, there is no plan to hold a similar contest in 2021. However, please check back for more details in case of any changes.

2020 Co-winner Sarah Swiersz

Institute: University of Central Florida (USA)

Major: Interdisciplinary Studies with Concentrations in Computational Science and Physical Science


2020 Co-winner Sudipta Biswas

Institute: National Institute of Science Education and Research (India)

Major: Biology


2020 Honorable Mention Alex Plum

Institute: University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA)

Major: Mathematics and Engineering Physics

Undergraduate Flash Talk Contest Submission Plum.m4a

Sponsored By The ELSI Firstlogic Astrobiology Donation Program