Proposal writing retreat (PWR)

What is the Proposal Writing Retreat (PWR)?

The Astrobiology Proposal Writing Retreat (PWR) is an independent training workshop that brings together early-career astrobiologists from diverse academic backgrounds for an intensive three-day collaborative proposal writing experience. The central objective for workshop participants is to create an original proposal on a topic relevant to the current state of astrobiology research, which must be presented to a body of peers. Participants are encouraged to use the workshop as a forum for exploring creative and original research topics. The workshop culminates in a peer-review panel discussion on each team's presented work, leading to a final anonymous vote on the best proposal.

The prior workshops produced several original research ideas. Highlights include: work leading to a successfully funded research grant through the NAI director's discretionary fund (Proposal Title: Perchlorate, Water and Life: the Geomicrobiology of Mars Analog Soils); and an internationally recognized space policy paper proposing a METI protocol for messaging extraterrestrial intelligence (Atri, DeMarines, and Haqq-Misra, 2011).

Where and when is the PWR?

There will be no traditional PWR in 2021. Instead, we plan to have other pre-conference activities such as science communication workshops and a proposal review panel. Please check back for 2022 information!

Participation in the PWR

Applicants for AbGradCon will be able to apply for PWR at the same time as they submit their AGC application.


We accept applications from current graduate students and postdocs.