The AbGradCon 2020 application deadline was on March 15th, 2020 (23:59 Japan Time). The in-person AbGradCon 2020 meeting will not take place.

Who can apply?

In general, AbGradCon is intended for graduate students, as well as early-career researchers and postdocs within 2 years of their graduation. Undergraduates who are entering a graduate program in Fall 2020 will be considered first-year graduate students. Exceptional senior undergraduates with research experience have attended AbGradCon in the past, but priority will be given to graduate students and early-career researchers for both funding and presentation slots.

What kinds of talks and posters are we looking for?

Astrobiology is a multidisciplinary field. Participants will be asked to submit abstracts under one of 8 categories: astronomy, biology, chemistry, education, engineering, geology, planetary science, and society. These will then be evaluated by members of the organizing committee who has expertise in one or more of these areas.

How were abstracts selected?

Abstracts are required during application and will be evaluated based on their scientific merit and appeal, novelty, and applicability to astrobiology. Other factors will include clarity of the abstract itself (grammar and readability), as well as an applicant’s ability to provide partial or full travel support. In principle, only one abstract may be submitted by each applicant.